Outlast Trilogy of Terror The Anthology Original Game Score Soundtrack 2 LP Blue with Black Splatter Vinyl EAS Exclusive NEW Preorder

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  • The terrifying score to the most-lauded game series in the survival-horror game genre’s history comes to vinyl! The Aural terror begins with the original Outlast game and subsequent expansion pack Whistleblower, followed by the hit 2018 sequel, Oulast 2!
  • Deluxe double-LP package captures the visceral horror that is OUTLAST with a die-cut peep-hole on the cover through which different bloody scenes can be viewed depending on how the insert is placed inside the jacket.
  • To drive the point home, all of the text on the jacket cover is printed in glow-in-the-dark ink so that you can enjoy the musical madness in the dark, if you dare!
  • Limited to only 200 copies on Blue with Black Splatter Vinyl from Eds Awesome Sounds
  • This is a preorder listing with a release date of February 2019

The terrifying musical score behind Outlast was concocted by renown French-Canadian composer Samuel Laflamme. The Aural terror begins with the original Outlast game and subsequent expansion pack Whistleblower, where the orchestral-based arrangements twist and turn within the walls of the Mount Massive Asylum as you feel your way around in the horrifying darkness. For Oulast 2, Laflamme ditches the orchestral arrangements in favor of something far more visceral and brutal, bolstering the horror by crafting new instruments, leading to the creation of unique and unprecedented sounds to chill your blood.


Side A [Outlast]
1. Main Menu (1:46)
2. Welcome to the Asylum (1:21)
3. Swarm Ambience (2:22)
4. Male Ward Chase (1:23)
5. Surgeon Torture (5:06)
6. Surgeon Attack (1:13)
7. Now my Son (1:54)
8. Finale (1:50)
9. End Credits (2:54)
Side B [Whistleblower]
10. Intro (1:07)
11. Sphere (1:55)
12. Cannibal Intro (3:41)
13. Cannibal Chase (1:00)
14. Attic (2:00)
15. Groom Torture (2:10)
16. Groom Death (1:30)
17. Ending (4:20)
Side C [Outlast 2]
18. the origins of muRder victim jane doe (1:32)
19. hide you in Ezekiel’s blood (1:18)
20. i am the chorus of screams! (2:02)
21. you don’t have to hiDe (1:21)
22. you thought we were all dEad (3:04)
23. let’s step back into class, please (3:42)
24. unborn the prince of lies! (2:12)
25. god don’t hear dead Men (2:00)
Side D [Outlast 2 Cont.]
26. god give me voice, God guide my hand (1:00)
27. momentous times are uPon us (2:43)
28. bring back our messiah! (3:53)
29. thaT lake Is wrong (1:55)
30. show me yOur true face (3:45)
31. you Never let me go* (8:12)