Band Of Gold Where's The Magic LP Vinyl 2nd Album Norwegian Pop Rock NEW SEALED

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Where's the Magic is Norwegian act Band of Gold's second studio effort – an album about the passion we all seek and crave for. It's not hard to find passion in Band of Gold's songs. You'll find it on every chord on the album, and we get a ferocity that their debut album from 2015 didn't have. On "I Wanna Dance With You Again," the first single from Where's the Magic, Nina Mortvedt's vocals are admirable, and underneath its lovely arrangement we find a pop song that's completely irresistible. But the album doesn't just have grand pop songs. Where's the Magic also contains experimental songs that challenge the listeners, ballads so beautiful that they will bring tears to your eyes, and slow pop songs that will force you to play the album again. A rock solid sequel, from a band that's better than ever. 


Bring Back I Wanna Dance With You Again Away With You Into The Void I Could Spot You In A Hundred Miles Where's The Magic Well Who Am I Look At Me