808 State Don Solaris 2 LP 180 Gram GOLD Vinyl Bonus Tracks Ltd Numbered NEW

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  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Printed innersleeves
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Includes 4 page booklet with text written by Ian Peel
  • Expanded edition includes "Azura", "Bond", "Joyrider" plus 6 bonus tracks a.o: "Goa", "Lopez (Brian Eno mix)", "Baton Rouge (Cajun mix)"
  • First pressing of 750 limited numbered copies on gold vinyl

    In the late '80s, Eight-O-Eight State was at the forefront of England's still developing electronic music scene. Don Solaris, the group's first widely available album in more than four years, is something of a return for the group.

    The music on this album is diverse, exploring many formats and styles. This album may upon first listen sound too much like a techno-rock crossover. But it is far from that - this music is foremost moody, deep, and full of risks.

    An ambient piece begins the album, and runs into the industrial and heavy sounds of "Bond".  Vocals are featured on this track, as well as a string bass and harmonica, bell sounds and chimes.

    "Bird" and "Azura" throw the listener into a more bass heavy and danceable space. Vocal samples and somewhat eerie sounds give "Bird" a very moody feel, while jamming drums assault the mind. Steel drums from the Caribbean soothe the ears, when drum and bass rhythms break in through the serenity, accompanied by the tense and beautiful vocals of Louise Rhodes from Lamb. A bass line ricochets between the steel drums and kick-drum punches, bouncing off the walls and the trees of this far-out hot jungle. 808 State continue their journey into pop dynamics, dance, jazz and electronic breathing with "Black Dartangnon" and "Joyrider."

    "Balboa" brings in tons of bass, perfect for those who love to feel it coming up from below, or like a wall of sound from speakers. If you love music, you'll enjoy Don Solaris. It was experimental in the right ways and well ahead of its time.


    Side A

    1. Intro
    2. Bond
    3. Bird
    4. Azura
    5. Black Dartangnon

    Side B

    1. Joyrider
    2. Lopez
    3. Balboa
    4. Kohoutek
    5. Mooz

    Side C

    1 Jersahat
    2. Banacheq
    3. Goa*
    4. Chisler*

    Side D

    1. Lopez (Brian Eno mix)*
    2. Joyrider (a natural mix)*
    3. Baton Rouge (Cajun mix)*
    4. Bonded *

    *Bonus Tracks