Freedom Hawk Beast Remains LP Vinyl 2018 Release Rock Retro-Rock NEW SEALED

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Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the release of Freedom Hawk's new album, Beast Remains.

Hailing from the barrier dunes of Virginia, the quartet blend heavy riffs into rolling grooves and soulful guitar melodies to showcase their sound. Widely recognized as one of the leading forces in the retro-rock movement, their exceptional brand of heavy and high energy live shows leaves many questioning whether they’ve stepped through a time warp directly out of the ’70s hard rock heyday.
Wrapped in core metal tones with slight psychedelic edges Freedom Hawk’s driving beat and heavy guitars offer the kind of timeless vocals that gave light to the dawn of the new and heavy revival.

“Freedom Hawk, for instance, is the soundtrack to cold kegs, warm weather, and backyard barbecue. Jams like “On the Other Side” and “My Road” were made for: worshipping at the Super Fuzz altar. James Gang riffs groove it up behind singer T.R. Morton’s excellent Ozzy/Pepper Keenan impression throughout seven songs of bong-loaded bliss.” - Invisible Oranges
1 Solid Gold.
2 Danger.
3 Darkness and the Light.
4 Brutal Winds.
5 Beast Remains.
6 Deep Inside.
7 Coming After You.
8 Champ.