Afghan Whigs 1965 2 LP 180 Gram Vinyl 7 Bonus tracks Booklet MOV Import NEW SEALED

Afghan Whigs 1965 2 LP 180 Gram Vinyl 7 Bonus tracks Booklet MOV Import NEW SEALED

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  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes 7 bonus tracks
  • 8-page booklet
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 Where some artists write from the head and others from the heart, Whigs' songwriter/frontman Greg Dulli writes from the groin. His lyrics are filled with dark images of romantic obsession. Perhaps no other band can play with such restraint, letting musical tension build until it can do nothing other than explode. Dulli in his finest voice can move from desperate screams to a quiet sinister crooning at the turn of a chord. The band split up in 2001. Greg Dulli continued recording and performing as part of the Gutter Twins (with Mark Lanegan) and The Twilight Singers.

1965 is the name of their sixth and final album originally released in 1998. Its cover photograph shows astronaut Ed White on the first American space walk as part of the Gemini 4 flight which took place in, you guessed it, 1965.

This release comes with an astonishing amount of no less than 7 bonustracks (previously issued on the Somethin' Hot and 66 EP's) and an extra 8-page full color booklet!


Side A 1. Somethin' Hot 2. Crazy 3. Uptown Again 4. Sweet Son Of A Bitch 5. 66 6. Citi Soleil

Side B 1. John The Baptist 2. The Slide Song 3. Neglekted 4. Omerta 5. The Vampire Lanois (Instrumental)

Side C 1. Somethin' Hot (12" Version) * 2. Miss World * 3. Papa Was A Rascal *

Side D 1. 66 (Radio Version #1) + 2. The Singer + 3. Somethin' Hot (Live Version) + 4. 66 (Live Version) +

*: bonustrack, previously issued as Somethin' Hot EP

+: bonustrack, previously issued as 66 EP