Bruut! Mad Pack LP 180 Gram Audiophile WHITE Vinyl Ltd Numbered Ed JAZZ MOV Import NEW SEALED

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BRUUT!'s 'superjazz' formula brings us to the surrealism of Quentin Tarantino films, second-hand records and old Westerns. To the vibe of lava lamps and Photoshopped boogaloo... Bruut! swings hard. They balance the colourful with the unpolished, and the danceable with the listenable. In short: BRUUT! is all about super jazz.

Internationally the band keeps expanding their territories with shows in: Japan, Poland, Burkina Faso, Germany, England, South-Africa, Spain, Surinam, Turkey and Belgium. Their second album Fire established their fame as one of the most original and energetic jazz bands of our time. So does their third album Mad Pack.

The record contains eleven brand new, slightly crazy fantasies in sound, including their singles ''Sjaco'' and ''Bill''. The album is full of characters that could have stepped out of a movie. A cowboy with history, a smoking dog, your darling granny, a slick operator and a gorgeous dame. The songs are inspired on a broad pallet of situations and memories. For instance, ''Nazaire'' came to be after an impressive meeting in Burkina Faso. This music will make you dance!


Side A
1. Sjaco
2. Mario
3. Bill
4. Eddie
5. Dex
6. Hannie

Side B
1. Vito
2. Nazaire
3. Honey
4. Scarlett
5. Scott